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A comprehensive comparison of Security Management Solutions

Smart Security Management Software

Managing the security operations of your organisation is a juggling act. On the one hand, you try to mitigate possible risks by providing full protection to customers, clients, employees and all the other stakeholders. On the other hand, you design and implement processes that improve operational efficiency and provide long-term cost savings.

The good news is, a smart security management solution does both.

However, we are living in a world, where 70% of the companies still rely on traditional means, such as the pen-paper method. Also, organisations that want to switch to Smart Security Management Solution still struggle to make the right choice. We get it. Choosing the right security solution is not easy and it requires careful consideration of costs, installation, adaptation, and training.


In this blog, we will be highlighting a few essential factors to take into consideration when switching from a traditional security system (Pen and Paper and Wand-Based) to an automated security solution (Smart). 

Keep reading to get insights on how to choose a security management system that is best suited for your company.




Smart Solutions

Readily available but unreliable

Hard to implement but reliable

Easy installation & set-up and simple training required

Heavy paper-load

Incurs less paper-load

Eliminates paper-load

No overview of data

Tedious and not insightful

Real-time updates on incidents and reporting

Limited communication

Meaningless communication

Fast and meaningful communication




Smart Solutions

Inaccurate view of daily operations, emergency incidents and security situations

Lacks full overview of operations and protection

Stores verifiable digital footprints of all activities in a secure database

History log and data analysis



Smart Solutions

Manual data entry

Limited context to data and history log

Automated data entry with full history of activities and incident reports

Error-prone and time-consuming

Inaccessible insight and information

Meaningful insights and information

Reliability and real-time tracking



Smart Solutions

Easily manipulated

Can be hacked

Safe and reliable

No real-time tracking

Manual tracking of operations and incidents

Provides real-time visibility and tracking of cross-functional operation




Smart Solutions

Inefficiencies of operations may incur high cost over time

Replacement of equipment may cost the organisation unnecessary expenditure

One-time cost with high return-on-investment (ROI) due to scalibility

Communication and Safety



Smart Solutions

No communication loop defined

Communication loop involves hiccups and red tapes

Fast and effective communication loop between teams

Slow relay of information to relevant personnel

Slow relay of information to relevant personnel

Relevant personnel informed immediately in distress situations

In conclusion, it is evident that a Smart Security Management System is your best bet to provide full-protection to you and your company. The cost efficiency, reliability and reduction in error makes it a more educated choice as compared to the others. 

If you are looking for insights into transitioning from manual to automated security, then check out our other article Transitioning to Software: 9 Things You Must Take Care Of. It will help you understand how to make a smooth transition and provides insight on what to look out for when making the choice.

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