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A self-hosted security management system installation is demanding on cost and effort. The infrastructure and hardware will require more physical space and upgrading, adding to the overall cost involved. Off-site backups will be needed for a strong disaster recovery plan, as local backups may be destroyed in the event of an on-site disaster.

Depending on the resources your physical security business has available, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution might be a better alternative. Security management software that uses the SaaS model resides in a remote cloud network and is accessed via the internet. This model wins on scalability, ease of use, cost, and so much more.

How can SaaS help you scale your physical security business? What are the most compelling reasons to adopt software that use this model? In this article, we take a deep dive into the benefits of the SaaS model for security automation.


Enjoy Immediate Benefits

For an on-premise installation, you cannot expect everything to be up and running right away. The servers need to be delivered and set up at your location. Then, any configurations to the operating systems and the software itself need to be made. Operations that use the new system will take a while. The process between your decision to adopt the system and fully integrating it into your working operations can take weeks or even months.

A SaaS solution can start working for you faster since everything is already up and running. Once you start the subscription, you can access and use the full capabilities of the software. This provides an excellent user experience, where you immediately get to reap the benefits of your investment.


This capability is beneficial to the fast-paced needs of a scaling operation that needs to minimise downtime as much as possible. SaaS allows you to hit the ground running with the new technology. You simply need to introduce it to your team. Capable SaaS providers make sure that the tech has the user in mind, so the average security guard should be able to use it in short order with no problems.

Lower Costs

The cost of acquiring server units, the labour of having them set up with the software, and even the space they need to occupy can represent a considerable initial expense. What if this cost were unnecessary? What if there was no need to allocate funds for new servers, desks, cabling, and even space for the servers to go to?

With a SaaS solution, all cost concerns that revolve around where to house the servers become nonexistent because the whole app and all its features are in the cloud.


As the SaaS provider owns the environment, any maintenance cost will be split among all customers using the solution, keeping it low. This cost-effective, win-win aspect of SaaS is the most compelling reason why more and more businesses shift from self-hosted software. It’s simply impractical to shoulder the cost of server units, installation, infrastructure, and the expertise and manpower just to get everything started. SaaS offers such an attractive alternative by providing instant, quantifiable benefits.

Easy Access and Ease of Use

For the most part, a SaaS solution just requires access to the internet to provide full utility. You will not need to acquire specific gear or equipment. The best physical security management systems are designed to work with standard smartphones for security guard functions. The best software can even work in older smartphone models and low bandwidth areas, offering the full functionalities of the app suite without requiring the added cost of acquiring newer phones and upgrading connections.

A good SaaS solution should also consider the numeracy and tech literacy of the users, and be designed for ease of use. The developers must have on-the-ground training that provided insights on how security guards work in order to design software that the users can readily use and immediately apply to their daily tasks.

Scalable Packages

SaaS solutions often have flexible options to match your security operations’ needs. Developers consider that security companies can vary in size, and offer packages to scale. As you expand your business, your subscription can be changed to accommodate growing needs.

Avail of a SaaS that has options to grow along with your business with the minimum of hassle on your part. With the right physical security management software, you should be able to adjust your subscription to match your business’ needs.

Continual Value

SaaS is not a one-and-done transaction. It is an ongoing experience which gives you what you need when you need it. The security industry has evolving needs that require minor to massive-scale changes. With new developments streaming in, you will need software that keeps up with steady development. A SaaS-model provides regular software updates. This process is usually automatic and will not impede operations in any way. It removes the burden of manually initiating updates from the users and almost eliminates any downtime.


A relationship with a SaaS provider means enjoying a comprehensive support system. SaaS providers often provide 24/7 assistance and onboarding programs for using the software. Your team will have all the resources they need to maximise the product benefits.

If you are scaling your physical security business, a SaaS setup is a better fit than a self-hosted software installation. They allow you to freely add or reduce the number of sites depending on your company’s needs without hassle and upfront costs. Learn more about a robust SaaS platform that can cover your security software needs. Experience how SaaS can be the perfect fit for your growing security business firsthand.

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