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COVID-19 has caused major disruption in the way businesses are run. In the security industry, many companies struggle to find a balance between maintaining required operational tasks and protecting frontline staff.

The difficulty lies in the way security routines are conducted. Periodic inspections are performed by walking around and logging observations in a notebook then transferring reports to a spreadsheet or word document. Not only is this manual practice prone to error, it is also time-consuming to file, organise and validate. At the same time, relying solely on traditional methods limits the security operations’ ability to sufficiently oversee the safety of people and assets across multiple sites.

With the increasing need for more agile security operations and faster response time, those who rely on pen and paper reporting or unsecured digital files are at a significant disadvantage.

Now is the time to think more seriously about how to build more resilient workflows to aid in business recovery with the help of Security Risk Manager (SRM) solutions. In this article, we detail the key features.

Ease of Use

  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Works on basic to mid-range smartphones and in low-bandwidth environments
  • Securely connect with employees and clients
  • Develop and execute a coordinated plan of action

SRM-Sentry-Patrol feature

Simple user-friendly interface

The SRM Platform has a user-friendly interface that is simple enough to be used even by those who are not technologically savvy. In addition, the applications are designed with the varied literacy and numeracy levels of security guards in mind. The application makes use of familiar symbols, icons and minimal text which allow anyone to get on board with maximum ease. With SRM-Sentry, security guards on patrol can quickly access the application through their mobile phones to flag a threat, identify safe zones, seek assistance from nearby colleagues, send alerts for emergency back-up and upload context-rich data to report an incident while-on-the-go.

Works on basic smartphones and in low-bandwidth environments

SRM mobile applications work even on basic smartphones, equipping its users with enhanced functionality without the need to procure a new device. Security guards can record data in real-time or offline, ensuring that no information gets lost even when there is a weak or inconsistent connection. Having the widest range of mobile compatibility allows security companies operating in countries or sites with slow internet speed to access smart solutions to meet its business continuity management objectives.

Securely connect with employees and clients

Communication channels such as emails or intranet sites can be disrupted during a disaster. Having a secure, resilient, and centralised communication platform can prevent delay of coordination to and from the affected site. When security companies utilise SRM-Portal, supervisors and operation managers gain a reliable channel for keeping in contact with business clients, security guards and employees, across multiple sites.

Develop and execute a coordinated plan of action

When making critical decisions during a crisis, getting to collect and analyse information from multiple sources allows for intelligent planning and execution. SRM-Portal acts as a Control Room with 24/7 visibility, allowing you to retrieve historical data quickly, plan a response and synchronise actions among guards and responders, as well as send updates to clients both at the command centre and while on-the-go with its SRM-Portal mobile application. SRM-Portal also has a Visitor Management feature that helps to streamline security operations related to recording and monitoring of visitor check-in data across multiple locations. All these features are aimed at speeding up the exchange of crucial information in times of crisis.

Easy Data Management

  • Manage and export large amounts of guard operations data
  • Data stored on the cloud
  • Time-saving, cost-efficient and better agility to respond

Managerial View-Personnel Tab

Manage and export large amounts of guard operations data

Overseeing security guard activities such as attendance and patrol shifts in more than 10 work sites can be quite overwhelming. It is necessary to retrieve real-time status at a glance and download full reports of security performance at the end of each day. With the array of comprehensive web-based and mobile solutions available under the SRM Platform, you enter into a new realm of security management automation, empowering you with customised reporting, rapid insights, local intelligence integration and streamlined performance as you grow and scale your operations.

Data stored on the cloud

Data security becomes a big concern, especially when work-related devices such as laptops or official phones get lost or stolen. At the same time, security companies are also at a loss on how to mitigate sensitive data leak once a security guard quits his job. To allay the risk, all data on SRM Platform is stored on the cloud, preventing critical data from being kept on individual devices.

Time-saving, cost-efficient and better agility to respond

As a supervisor, it is tedious to have to decode written reports and investigate any missing information while addressing concerns on escalated emergency incidents. Investing in the right security solutions, such as SRM-Responder and SRM-Sentry, allow you to free up time on correcting errors as your security guards become empowered to provide quality incident reports, leading to a streamlined investigation and faster response time.


Cost Savings

  • Consider costs that can be saved in the long term with accurate crisis forecasts and quicker business recovery.

Pen and paper methods are still being used to manage security operations because it is incredibly familiar and low-cost. However, major disruptions such as COVID-19 have shown that sticking to manual recording incurs even greater costs.

Consider the productivity hours lost by scanning through thousands of security logbook entries or worse, starting investigations from scratch as files get lost and there is no back-up. Unplanned downtimes and recovery efforts extend to more days than necessary when you cannot validate reports from multiple team members on the ground.

With business continuity for your security company in mind, you know that investing in smart solutions means cost-effectiveness in the longer-term.

Mitigate Risk and Demonstrate Social Responsibility

  • Securing people and property has its risks; the right tools can help protect your security guards and keep people safe.

Threats are growing in complexity, which creates more uncertainty than usual when performing security patrols. Being a socially-responsible employer means having the foresight to step-up measures to safeguard your personnel’s welfare. SRM Platform can equip your guards with dependable tools so you can detect their location, get notified of local threats, alert nearby responders, and react to emergency situations effectively.

By optimising your security operations, you demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the safety of your guards and positively reinforce goodwill and quality service among clients who depend on your services.


Security Risk is here to provide you with the tools you need to build agility and resilience in your business and better navigate disruptions of any kind.

Let’s talk about how we can give your security business a win for the long-term.

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