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The pandemic has highlighted not just the importance of remote security operations, but also the key pitfalls of pen and paper and wand based methods. Security Risk Manager (SRM) provides a robust solution for remote operations with a suite of products that cover most physical security requirements. This article will go into detail of each SRM product and how it can be used to streamline and strengthen your security operations.

Real-time visibility with SRM-Portal

SRM-Portal is a web and mobile application that acts as a control room, providing 24/7 visibility of security guard operations. It offers a centralised view of all operations, from patrol routes and assignments, to asset and visitor management. With real-time guard tracking, you can rest assured that your team is not just following security protocols, but also safe.

If mundane tasks are weighing down your security operations, SRM-Portal is the tool you need to manage and protect large volumes of data. With the dashboard view, you can quickly review incident reports and visitor records, assign patrols and retrieve critical information with just a few clicks. SRM-Portal enables real-time response to incidents and the capability to assign the most qualified resource based on each guard’s capability.

With information stored in the cloud, you are able to retrieve critical information at any time. All information, such as incident reports and patrol data, is encrypted, ensuring that access stays with authorised personnel. Your data will be protected from malware and other forms of malicious tampering. In addition, your data will be safe in the event of a calamity because all security information is stored in off-site servers. Even in dire situations involving your physical assets getting destroyed, the data will still be readily available in the wake of a disaster.

Capability enhancement with SRM-Sentry

SRM-Sentry is a mobile application that provides a clear and constant line of communication between operations managers and guards. It allows guards to provide regular status updates, track visitors, and signal for assistance if needed. The app works on a wide range of smartphone models and even functions in low bandwidth environments.

SRM-Sentry enhances guard productivity and compliance by providing managers with a real-time and direct feed into the personnel’s location and route at all times. Guards can quickly access their assigned tasks and ad-hoc patrol routes from their phones and managers can act quickly in time-sensitive situations. More importantly, guards are given more protection because they can call for reinforcements if they find themselves in an emergency. They can rely on backup forces to arrive efficiently and provide support when required.

Tedious recording of incidents in logbooks will be a thing of the past with SRM-Sentry. It uses an incident response framework boosted by rich media, such as voice recordings and photos, making reports far more comprehensive and reliable. These reports are stored and can be accessed quickly on the cloud. This lifts the burden of excessive paperwork and bookkeeping from the shoulders of your guards, allowing them to focus on more value-add tasks.

In the latest update of SRM-Sentry, your guards can easily check-in and track visitors using Visitor Management to ensure compliance with safety regulations, which is especially important in the context of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Managers can have a clear picture of who has access to the facility and the entry points that are being used, all in real-time.

Once a guard is signed into SRM-Sentry, the app will retain its core functions even when completely offline. The guard can continue with his tasks for the day, and all reports they record in the course of their shift will be synced to the cloud once a connection is made. This ensures that no information is lost.

On time and on task with SRM-Responder


With SRM-Responder, you can cut response time to a minimum by providing a way for emergency responders to accept and fulfil assistance requests via the app. If an incident escalates beyond your team’s capabilities, SRM-Responder works as an emergency beacon that seeks assistance from nearby responders. Responders’ locations can also be tracked via GPS remotely to ensure their safety. Similar to SRM-Sentry, the app is compatible with a wide range of smartphone models, even older ones. This lowers the cost of adopting the app, as you will not need to purchase the latest smartphones for your team.

SRM-Responder emphasises your business’ commitment to providing rapid response to any incident, thus protecting your customers’ assets, your security team, and any responders as well. The system is designed to facilitate fast action for best possible results, thus mitigating risk and demonstrating social responsibility.

Emergency support with SRM-Customer

SRM-Customer is a mobile application that provides customers with real-time security updates and the ability to signal for emergency response. They will receive regional updates to have a clear view of what’s happening in the area so they can make timely calls based on up-to-date information. The app acts as a newsfeed that displays nascent information in a streamlined and accessible manner. This mobile app allows the viewing of rich media that support the reports, allowing the user to get a clear picture of any security issues around them.

In emergencies, SRM-Customer can be used to signal for assistance. Nearby responders will then be provided with the customer’s location via GPS so they can provide support as soon as possible. 

SRM-Customer can also act as an access device if it is set up to be recognised by the rest of the system. Guards that use SRM-Sentry can immediately identify the user and expedite ingress if instructed to do so.

Final Thoughts

SRM consists of a suite of products that work in unison to create a comprehensive solution that automates remote security operations. Each component of the suite works seamlessly with the rest to create an integrated network that enables a high degree of synergy in your security team. Developed with the real-life challenges of security professionals in mind, SRM can be easily adopted into your existing security protocols and transform your capabilities. You can try out how SRM can help your remote operations by starting a free trial today.

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