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The physical security industry was not exempt from technological disruptions in the past two decades. While a majority of companies still adhere to pen-and-paper or wand-based methods, adopting security guard management software nevertheless results in more efficient and safer operations. There is little doubt that the industry is moving towards automation.

Many factors can hamper a security company’s transition to remote operations, such as high cost, legacy systems, and tech literacy concerns. However, these hurdles can be navigated [link to Nov article 2 — Transitioning To Security Guard Management Software: 6 Things To Consider], thus opening your company to greater potential for efficiency and accountability.

As technology continues to reshape the industry, what steps have you taken to tap into its potential to streamline your operations? This article will discuss the ways technology can be integrated with physical operations to take the industry forward.


Providing a 24/7 Centralised Hub

A well-designed security guard management software gives managers a broad 24/7 overview of operations so they can make timely and impactful decisions. It allows managers to coordinate guards more effectively by being able to gather intelligence from multiple sites at once, and disseminate it just as quickly.

A centralised hub of operations allows managers to supervise and redistribute assets as needed. For example, security guard patrol routes can be changed from the Control Room, with the guards receiving the order simultaneously wherever they are.

This setup will also enable guards to screen visitors, which is especially important in the context of COVID-19. Visitor management protocols can be established with minimum negative impact on the flow of daily operations. This protects everyone involved: the managers, the guards, and the visitors. Furthermore, contact tracing efforts become easier to facilitate.

Software like SRM-Portal also has a mobile version that allows ops managers to enact key functions. Managers can assign patrols and manage the handover of assets while on the go, thus expanding their remote capabilities.

Simplifying Report Submission and Retrieval

Filing incident reports and filling in logbooks can be tedious, making compliance hard to monitor regularly. In today’s context, visitor information must be taken religiously to minimise any possible virus spread.

Security guard management software enables efficient record-keeping for your team. Incident reports can be stored securely in cloud servers, where they can also be quickly searched and retrieved for review. Visitor information can similarly be monitored remotely and in real-time to ensure safety protocols are met.

Simplifying the reporting process also promotes accountability and encourages guards to stick to protocol. A streamlined reporting process cuts down on wasted time and effort, as well as reduces the chances for human error. Pen-and-paper methods even take up unnecessary storage space that can be freed up when reports are migrated to cloud servers.

Security Guard Tracking

Some incidents might put guards in potentially dangerous situations, where emergency response time can make all the difference. Security guard management software promotes personnel safety by giving managers a way to pinpoint each guard’s location and send back-up as needed.

Location-based tracking also creates a culture of accountability and professionalism, where guards stick to their routes and duties, thus reducing lapses in security. Knowing that a manager can check their location at any time will enforce tighter compliance. Guards are more likely to stick to protocol and report where they are going if they are required to leave their assigned routes.

Streamlined Communication Channels

Communication is key to the successful handling of any incident. Security guard management software can provide better coordination and information flow when it is most needed. Managers and security guards can convey real-time information more clearly through rich media (voice and text) when generating an incident report.

In certain sites, security personnel might find themselves in areas with poor internet connectivity. For many security guard management software options, communication stops right there. However, technology is available that allows communication channels to remain clear even in low-bandwidth environments and should be a key factor in determining the effectiveness of the software.


Real-Time Emergency Reporting

Streamlined security operations show their true value during emergencies. Real-time reporting allows guards to coordinate with managers and responders so your entire team can mobilise with the least amount of time wasted, reducing risk to personnel and assets. Customers can also receive notifications to keep them safe and informed.

With effective security management software, guards have the means to report incidents and provide a clear picture of their severity to allow managers to make precise and impactful decisions.

Final Thoughts

Detailed here are only the most common cases where security guard management software can make your remote operations smoother. The best solutions are engineered by developers who have on-the-ground knowledge on the challenges security professionals run into on a daily basis. This allows them to design solutions that directly address the issues that are relevant to the people who work in this field.

Security companies today are already reaping the benefits of increased productivity and tighter operations by using security guard management software: increased accuracy and compliance, safer working conditions, and higher levels of productivity. These benefits are underlined by the present threat of COVID-19, which makes smart remote operations crucial for the health and wellbeing of everyone involved.

Although the security industry has been slow to adopt new technology, there is no doubt that it is headed towards smart solutions that make security guards and managers more effective at their jobs while keeping them safe. A well-designed security guard software will understand and address the pain points of the industry, as well as provide an easy path for transition. Learn how you can reap the benefits of security guard management technology firsthand with a comprehensive free trial.

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