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The integration of smart technology into security guard management has transitioned from an attractive notion to a very real necessity in 2020, the year of physical distancing. Despite this, 60% of security companies still rely on pen and paper methods for their operations.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital security guard management tools see wider use in operations to minimise physical contact. Moreover, they offer substantial boosts to accountability and efficiency that your guard operations can benefit from. 

Following are some business management tools to consider, as well as a discussion on what areas of your guard operations can each tool be applied to.


Gusto is an online payroll solution that also automates benefits, taxes, and more. It takes much of the number-crunching that is often associated with doing payroll off the shoulders of your accounting department so they can focus more on proactive troubleshooting. 


The software makes it easier to pay part-time guards who don’t have a fixed monthly salary by doing the calculations based on work hours served. Pricing ranges from USD19 - USD149 per month, depending on your needs.

You can view the package details here.

On a related note, Xero is a fully digital accounting software that can further streamline your finances. It stores your information securely in the cloud where it can be remotely accessed by your team. Additionally, Xero offers a free 30-day trial.


Kissflow is an all-around HR software that keeps track of tasks, attendance, leaves, onboarding, and performance. It gets rid of any need for attendance cards, leave forms, and so many of the HR-related literal paperwork that compromises physical distancing.

HR managers can create applications that automate their tasks. For example, instead of manually submitting a vacation request, an employee can simply access the app, make the request there, and then review and approval gets passed to the responsible parties.

Kissflow takes most of the legwork involved in HR so that managers can focus their energies on creating data-driven proposals that will benefit both the company and the employees. Pricing starts as USD390 per month, which accommodates up to 20 users.

Full pricing details can be found here.


The security industry is not exempt from encountering recruiting roadblocks. Security guard positions face higher turnover rates as a result of stress, job security, poor leadership, insufficient wages, and lack of training. Thus, security managers not only need to address these factors, but also take steps towards more efficient recruitment methods.

Talentlyft provides recruitment marketing and applicant tracking that will help you secure the right people. It offers comprehensive recruitment features that can be accessed digitally so you do not lose any promising candidates.

The platform streamlines recruitment from creating ads that will attract the right talent to tracking where each prospect is along the process. There is no need to make copies of CVs that get passed from reviewer to reviewer. Talentlyft keeps everyone involved updated and informed.

Talentlyft also provides valuable insight into creating a hiring persona for your company, which will help with getting matches that are more likely to align with the culture you want to develop. Pricing starts at USD99 per month for five job slots, which can be adjusted depending on your recruitment needs.

You can check out the full pricing details here.


Resuscitate! is an app that was developed by doctors and medical educators to provide comprehensive videos on CPR, aiding a choking victim, and many other emergencies that a security guard might need in the line of duty.

It is designed with simplicity in mind, as a complex interface might cost precious seconds in an emergency. Resuscitate! is an easy way to educate your guards with life-saving skills. The app is available for free and allows security guards to immediately supplement their practical skills with some administrative direction.

Security Risk

Security Risk Manager (SRM) provides a centralised platform that is specifically designed for security operations, which allows managers to track, manage, and deploy security personnel. It is a suite of mobile and web applications that work together to provide a steady stream of intelligence to keep your assets and your people safe.

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SRM provides secure, cloud-based storage for incident reports and personnel information. It promotes security guard safety by allowing them to flag a security issue or call for emergency backup during operations.

On the administrative side of things, the platform enhances security guard compliance and accountability by providing them with a record of tasks and assignments, as well as enabling faster and more effective incident reporting using rich media such as photo and voice recordings.

Furthermore, SRM has Visitor Management functions that are crucial especially in the context of COVID-19. Visitor Management streamlines the visitor screening process across multiple sites by making check-ins easier and faster. Guest or employee information and photo IDs are captured, stored and easily accessed via SRM-Portal, where operations managers can monitor the situation in real-time.

It is a truly robust platform, specifically designed for the physical security industry by a team that has on-the-ground knowledge of your needs. Monthly basic plans start at USD100 and can be scaled up depending on your requirements, but you can also try out Security Risk Manager for free.

Pricing information is available here.

The right tools offer much in terms of improving efficiency and accountability in your security operations, but each realistically incurs costs in terms of training and equipment, if not direct user fees. With security guard management tools proving to be the key to keeping abreast of the industry, it is crucial to assess which ones fit your needs the most.

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