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Motivation plays a significant role in achieving the goals of any organisation. 

In the case of security companies, maintaining a high level of motivation and accountability is crucial. Motivated security personnel work more efficiently because they know they contribute to a shared purpose: win more contracts and retain clients’ trust in the long term.

As security teams are composed of senior and newly-trained members, how can management reach across different sets of  values, varying age groups, and experiences to foster consistency in service and a sense of ownership?

Here are strategies which a security operations manager can implement to enhance their security personnel management:

Plan staff rotations to help keep guards vigilant

Patrolling the same route day in and day out can be monotonous. A security operations manager could break the routine by training their personnel to be adept at patrolling different building setups or responding to different site situations. Carrying out varying assignments is not only a refreshing change, but it is an opportunity for guards to upskill and expand their area of expertise. What's more, random patrols can prevent potential perpetrators from predicting patrol patterns, therefore protecting your people and sites from undesired incidents.


Security guard management technology allows managers to gain better visibility and control over guard schedules while significantly reducing human error.  When randomised patrols can be automated or created easily, paperwork is eliminated, thereby preventing data breach. Moreover, the time-saving has a knock-on effect on guards, who will then have more time to prepare for their assignments and plan their schedules accordingly.  It’s a win-win for all.

Clarify job expectations to encourage better performance

When clear job expectations are set, managers should have a process to track a guard’s achievements. Being recognised for good performance keeps employees motivated to perform well, which eventually becomes part of the company’s culture.   

To accomplish this, set milestones for each patrol and identify career achievements that the guards can strive for throughout their tenure.


When identifying milestones, a security operations manager would have to consider the unique duties they perform on top of their typical duties. Does the guard need to administer visitor screening protocols?  How heavy is the foot traffic that they need to manage? Managers need to record and reflect this information when measuring their performance.

Highlight how individual performance can impact business goals

Employees who are given room for growth and success are more likely to be engaged and motivated. But how can they recognise that their efforts contribute to the bigger picture? One approach is to hold regular town hall sessions where leaders can share company achievements and commend exemplary teams or individuals.

Another way for managers to motivate their team is by sharing positive testimonials from clients about individuals in the company. Receiving positive client feedback is a confidence booster. It also reaffirms that they contribute, in no small way, to the growth and success of the company.

Empower your guards with tools so they can take proactive measures

The truth is, security attacks do not occur in a vacuum. Every theft, burglary, or unauthorised entry requires some form of planning and exploitation of vulnerabilities. Managers need to take a proactive approach by empowering their team with all the tools they need to counter and mitigate such threats and gaps. Situational awareness is critical to recognise the telltale signs of potential security breaches. While it is impossible to eliminate all possible threats, being prepared would give the team a better chance at resolving the problem, should the need arise. 


Consequently, managers must train their personnel to be vigilant and ready to react. Besides providing proper security gear suitable for the job, every security guard should have their communication devices always on hand for real-time reporting.

Security management systems help guards and responders send out emergency alerts and submit instant  detailed reports which are accessible to authorised users onsite. Information collected in a security management solution enables managers to optimise their security operations by leveraging historical data and actionable insights.

Closing Thoughts

Integrating these strategies in your daily security operations will not only help increase the motivation level of your guards, but it will also make them more accountable and proactive. When coupled with a security personnel management tool, security companies can set themselves apart as an empowering employer and a reliable service provider.

A great example of a security guard solutions company is Security Risk, as it offers a cost-efficient, cloud-based security management platform to automate physical security operations. Security Risk empowers organisations of all scales with a suite of rapid-response mobile & web applications to make security operations smarter.

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