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Security Risk provides a cost-efficient, cloud-based security management platform that helps automate physical security operations. The company was founded to help the security industry achieve widespread digital transformation: bringing security operations out of the traditional pen and paper or wand-based method into a digital system that promotes safety, efficiency, and reliability.

The Security Risk team is cross-cultural--spread across four different countries with most working from Australia and Singapore. A good 60% of the staff develops the software while 30% look into quality assurance and testing to ensure that they build a reliable and robust software. The company believes in putting the bulk of its resources into perfecting the platform and ensuring a product that delivers. Company CEO Ian Stewart explains the importance of building the best product they can on Pitchdeck Asia:

"Keeping People Safe is how we look at it. We want to get people safe through our software"

Read on to learn more about Security Risk, the unique story of how Security Risk Manager (SRM) platform was developed, and what’s next for the company.

Getting to the root of physical security management pain points

Developing Security Risk Manager platform: an on-the-ground approach

With 60% of security companies using the pen and paper method, a gap in the market was identified. From its conception, Security Risk equipped themselves with a deep understanding of real-world security operations. The development process took the team to Papua New Guinea and East Timor, where they were able to get exposure to real-world security operations and their challenges.

The team conducted extensive studies and collected on-the-ground feedback such as samples of the physical logbooks, notebooks, and other loose documents where security officers would jot down incident reports and other operational details.

This hands-on approach helped with development greatly, as the team had a full understanding of the practical requirements for physical security operations. They were able to factor in the much-needed features and devise the user experience for the various users in the security industry, taking into account the visibility, transparency, and accountability issues the industry faces.

Travelling to Papua New Guinea and East Timor, locations chosen for their inherent difficulties, provided the development team insights to the need to operate security operations in a low-bandwidth environment. This allows the team to incorporate this in the planning of the platform.

The leaders of Security Risk went the extra mile to get everyone involved in the creation of the platform to make it a solid, experience-based foundation to start off with.

An affordable and sensible solution

Security Risk Manager (SRM) is priced to be a sensible option for companies of all sizes, and not exclusively for the bigger corporations. Nevertheless, investing in SRM is a solid, proactive choice that mirrors the nature of security itself: the business is essentially spending to prevent bigger losses. Imagine a security company being forced to halt operations for several days due to a security incident. This threatens the company’s high-value assets such as employee safety, intellectual property and the loss in revenue.

Stewart explains the importance of smart security management:

“Selling security is like selling insurance, if it’s going well you feel like you’ve wasted your money. Actually, it’s necessary and it’s a very effective and efficient spend of money. It is productive on the basis that it is not anti-productive.”

Investing in automating physical security operations saves more money in the longer term by keeping operations running smoothly and effectively.


Offering software as a service

Security Risk uses the software as a service (SaaS) distribution model. The platform is designed to be readily available and painless to integrate into existing security structures.

The team’s on-the-ground insights point to SaaS as the ideal model, as the vast majority of physical security operations have fairly standard requirements.

Also, the SaaS model gives security companies the option to avail of the service on and off, removing any risk or inconvenience of long-term commitment. Stewart aims to keep costs low to promote high adoption and conversion to new technology in security operations. He highlights,

“The other aspect of it is it’s just cheap. We’re not billing it based on what it costs to build; we’re billing on the basis that it’s going to get quite a large amount of sales.”

The importance of agility in the face of COVID-19

In the wake of the pandemic, Security Risk wanted to provide business owners and security agencies the opportunity to automate their operations by providing a 30-day free trial of the platform. This can be found on their website which they can use to experience SRM’s advantages first-hand.

Security Risk also believes in providing clear and accurate information to security companies and other potential clients over multiple channels. Apart from their website, Security Risk maintains an active presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The company regularly puts out informative blogs that discuss various aspects of security operations and the way Security Risk can elevate them. Keeping their market informed and engaged is the Security Risk plan to move forward in the face of the pandemic.

Reaching the security industry

Security Risk is already in communication with many companies who wish to adopt the platform into their operations. Reseller options are also being offered to security service providers, providing them with cost-effective opportunities to improve their packages for present and future clients.

Creating strong, win-win partnerships is a priority for Security Risk and is viewed by the team to be a clear path to success.

Smart security management solutions should be a priority investment for any security company, regardless of size, to provide the agility to respond to challenges of the future. Security Risk provides a unique service that is the product of a dedicated development team that has a deep understanding of the industry and its demands.

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