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The COVID-19 pandemic is a threat unlike any other in living memory. It has disrupted the way we live and work. The economic outlook is grim, with analysts expecting a global recession in 2020. During this period, any operational weak points in your security company are being exposed and accentuated.

Yet with any threat comes opportunity.

Working remotely has become the default standard across most industries. In the security service industry, where pen and paper is the go-to method for managing security operations, the emergence of an all-remote culture is forcing companies to think differently. And this is ushering in a new wave of innovation.

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How can Security Risk help?

Security Risk empowers organisations to work smarter with our Security Risk Manager (SRM) comprehensive suite of products. To help you navigate the pandemic effectively and efficiently, our products centralise and automate existing processes into one virtual platform.

Here is how Security Risk can help your business during epidemics and pandemics:

Remote supervision of guards and patrolling

With wide-ranging restrictions on movement and office-based work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, monitoring your clients’ sites has become more challenging than ever. This issue is further compounded when guards are stationed across multiple sites and their patrolling schedule is managed with a manual system.

With SRM-Sentry, you can track and manage your guards’ patrolling routes within a single platform.

The app can create new patrols and specify the schedule and frequency with just a few clicks. Supervisors can monitor the real-time location of operational patrols. At the same time, the system reports any deviations from standard processes. This includes missed or incomplete patrols, as well as patrols performed under or over the stipulated time.

24/7 visibility and client management through SRM-Portal

Even though the world is cooped up inside, there is still an enormous need for security services. Security companies that have their processes figured out, despite the restrictions of this pandemic, are going to retain their clients.

With SRM-Portal, you can access real-time information and security analytics through a single dashboard. The SRM-Portal acts as the control room of your organisation, where you get the 24/7 visibility of all the ins and outs, including client management.

With a centralised view of clients and operations, your security supervisors can easily manage client requests and track who is currently performing which task. During COVID-19 in particular, your workforce must be equipped with personal protection equipment (PPE) and other important medical equipment. Our integrated platform allows your company to allocate the equipment and resources your workforce needs to perform their job, safely and professionally.

Remote workforce management


Remote work is the new buzzword. Offices that were once filled with people have emptied. Brainstorming sessions are now called Zoom check-ins. And people everywhere are embracing it.

The world has changed so fast, yet it is already evident that remote workforce management is here to stay. During COVID-19, your security workforce is already at risk due to the nature of their job. That is why it is essential to facilitate remote work where possible. 

Security Risk’s web and app solutions automate your security operations and reduce manual tasks. Empowering you to manage and monitor your personnel while meeting the needs of your clients from anywhere in the world. 

The geographical areas can also be divided into regions. This allows for better task management and the timely delivery of reports.

Low-latency information processing

With remote workforce management, there comes a need for low-latency information processing. Having a remote workforce places greater demands on your network capacity. With everyone in your organisation accessing logs, records and reports remotely, there is a huge amount of data to handle.

Security Risk allows low-latency information processing of all the data, to provide a seamless experience with no down-time.

App-based incident reporting

During epidemics or pandemics, providing rapid incident reports becomes even more critical. With SRM-Sentry, security officers can generate incident reports with rich media (voice or images) and send them to supervisors in real-time, enabling faster responses and eliminating tedious, time-consuming paperwork. When there is poor network connectivity, reports can still be generated offline and shared with relevant users as soon as the network is available. This ensures no information is lost as a result of poor connectivity. The reports can also have assignable actions to facilitate timely investigation.

Curation of news and incidents


Misleading reports and false rumours have the potential to make a bad situation even worse. During the pandemic, people are being bombarded with rumours and fake news. This is why your security company needs to have its own vetted sources.

With SRM-Customer, clients are kept fully updated on the security situation in their area. SRM-Customer features a curated news feed that provides information such as lockdown updates and the total number of COVID-19 cases in the area so they can keep track of the latest developments.

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Secure on-demand transport in an emergency

A single-button that summons help on demand. That is how easy an emergency response should be. Given the uncertainty of COVID-19, your clients want rapid support in an emergency. And that is why SRM-Customer includes a one-tap emergency button to call for secure on-demand transportation in response to an emergency.

SRM-Customer allows clients to request transportation and escort services at a security level of their choosing. Each request is matched to drivers with the appropriate training and supports close monitoring as the client is escorted safely from the location.


To sum up 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us - governments, businesses and individuals - to reassess our practices and priorities. To say it has been a period of unprecedented upheaval would be an understatement. But it has also given us a chance to re-think our business-as-usual mindset. 

Security Risk is here to help you through this challenging time. Our SRM platform can streamline and improve virtually every aspect of your operation, automating your security operations, and integrating your processes and operational assets into a host of web and mobile applications.

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