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Introducing new and upgraded features for Security Risk Manager version 1.5.0
The Security Risk Manager has been enhanced with new and upgraded features like Crowd Management, In-app Messaging, Patrol Mapping, and Evidence Recording. 

Security Risk is introducing its updated versions of SRM-Portal, SRM-Portal (Mobile), SRM-Sentry, SRM-Responder, and SRM-Customer to further allow greater flexibility and efficiency in performing security operations.


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Portal Logo  (Mobile) 1.3.0
Incident Reporting

Crowd Management & Incident Reporting


With Crowd Management as an add-on feature, managing crowd is less challenging at a large-scale event or at premises. Guards are able to manage the crowd with minimal distraction, while improving response time, enhancing patrolling efficiency, and documenting incidents effortlessly. In addition, guards can report incidents such as fighting, broken item, or false alarm at the touch of a button.

Portal Message

In-App Messaging


Leverage the real-time In-app Messaging feature to communicate within the team effectively. The Managers, Supervisors, and Guards are now able to send and receive messages through their apps. This add-on feature allows the Account Holder to broadcast messages and also review all messages exchanged within the team, while users can forward messages and find past conversations easily.


Other enhanced features in Patrol Management:

  • Single to 100-Points Patrol
    Guards and Responders can now perform patrols ranging in size from 1 to 100 checkpoints. This feature enables greater flexibility for users to define both very simple and very complex patrols routes.

  • Linear Patrol
    Guards and Responders no longer have to end their patrol at the same point they started. This feature offers increased flexibility in setting patrol end points.

  • Numeric Evidence
    Evidence types have been increased to include numeric values. This feature facilitates simple evidence collection by Guards and Responders.


Check out the new
features implemented in SRM-Portal (Mobile) here.

Download the latest version for Android and iPhone. Contact us to enquire on Crowd Management and In-app Messaging features.

Security Risk brings a new approach to smart security solutions by combining flexible rapid response services with local intelligence to keep people safe. Extensive studies and testing were conducted in Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea to ensure a trusted product that can operate in difficult environments. Its Security Risk Manager (SRM)-Platform is a multi-faceted solution that helps security companies and for companies with security in their operations transform their operations intelligently and bring more value to customers, personnel, and overall business operations. It is developed with reference to international standard, ISO18788:2015 Management System for Private Security Operations and works on the cloud in low-bandwidth environments, offline or in a closed network to ensure utmost functionality under any conditions. The company is headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in Adelaide, Australia and Edinburgh, UK. Security Risk is powered by the innovative technology platform of Software Risk. Learn more at www.softwarerisk.com/products/securityrisk. Like us on Facebook, LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter.

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