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Using images to show the location of patrol checkpoints & routes is now possible with Security Risk Manager version 1.6.0

The Security Risk Manager version 1.6.0 now allows Security Managers to show checkpoints and map patrol routes on images such as floor plans and site plans for more powerful patrol location definitions.

This latest feature improves security patrol management within multi-storey commercial and office buildings, and significantly enhances Security Risk Manager’s Patrol Management feature.  

• Able to create patrols that are not restricted to only geographical map.
• Able to create patrol routes on multiple unique floor plans.
• Able to set up indoor and outdoor security checkpoints for greater security coverage.
• Able to help Guards easily locate checkpoints on site based on floor plans.

How It Works?
Step 1: Log in to SRM-Portal.
Step 2: Create a new site, upload an image of the property floor plan, and input necessary site details.
Step 3: Create a new patrol definition, set checkpoints, and input necessary patrolling and evidence requirements. Then, assign the patrol to a Guard.
Step 4: The Guard will receive a notification on his mobile app, SRM-Sentry to perform the patrolling duties based on the floor plan.

Other new features on SRM-Portal
• Attach relevant image to asset listing for easy identification (e.g., mobile phone)
• Upload of user image is no longer mandatory

Other updates
SRM-Portal (Mobile) has been officially renamed as SRM-Operations as of Security Risk Manager version 1.6.0.


New software features are now implemented on SRM-Portal.
Download the latest version of SRM-Operations (for Security Managers), SRM-Sentry (for Guards), SRM-Responders (for Responders), and SRM-Customers (for End-users) on Android and iPhone.
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