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At Software Risk, we know that the security and software industries don’t sit still for long, and neither do we. We take pride in ensuring we’re across all the latest developments and the “hot topics” of the moment that our clients and the industry are talking about.

To help you do likewise, we regularly prepare articles and updates on the key issues we think you need to know about, offering our take on the matter and what it might mean for your business.


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Webinars - April 8, 2021
[On Demand Webinar] 4 key considerations when transiting to a Security Management Software

On Demand Webinar

Having a smooth operational process and a reliable workforce is crucial for every...

Webinars - February 5, 2021
[On Demand Webinar] Building a reliable security guard and visitor management operation using technology

On Demand Webinar

Learn how Security Risk Manager (SRM) can help you focus on improving...

Webinars - December 23, 2020
[On Demand Webinar] Scale & Automate Your Security Operations with Security Risk Manager

On Demand Webinar

Security Risk Manager reduces the risks inherent in Security Operations by...

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