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COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how we work. With security guards inevitably placed in the frontlines, making the security industry one of the most impacted, major adjustments have to be made to ensure their safety. One such important change is the shift to remote operations.

You might have already looked into security operations management software during the onset of the pandemic. With so many choices, it can be hard to determine the right choice. This article will discuss five features that you need to consider when choosing remote security operations software.

Poor Internet Connection

loading-screen-Top-5-Important Features-To-Consider For-Your-Remote-Security-Operations-Management-SoftwareEven in developed countries, not every area has the strongest internet connection. Places that lack the infrastructure can be expected to have low-bandwidth issues, and such areas are even more common in developing countries. It is crucial for security guards to still be able to perform their duties and report incidents, regardless of connectivity issues, as relaying information to their superiors will facilitate rapid response. The slightest downtime due to an erratic connection can make all the difference in emergency assistance. Thus, it is important to exercise due diligence and research for a software solution that can provide clear communication even in low-bandwidth conditions.

Data Security

The pen-and-paper method can leave security data vulnerable to loss, theft, or destruction. Storing incident reports and other important operations information in the cloud is safer because the servers are housed offsite and encrypted against hacking attempts or exposure to cyber crime. With data stored securely in the cloud, only authorised personnel can access security information.

telecommunication-Top-5-Important Features-To-Consider For-Your-Remote-Security-Operations-Management-Software.jpgCloud storage also ensures your data is safe should any disaster hit your operation sites. In the event of a disaster, retrieving data from the cloud is a simple process. Keep your data secure by opting for a security operations software that stores your data in a remote server.

Incident Reporting

Remote operations further emphasize the importance of incident reporting and choosing software that facilitates it the most effectively. Incident reporting protocols can be established to work with the software to ensure compliance. This will provide the additional benefit of facilitating the turnover process by making it easier for new hires to follow via the steps mandated by the software. Security guards must be able to provide comprehensive information about incidents, including pictures and voice recordings if needed.

Incident reports can then be stored in the cloud, where they can be easily retrieved for reference, or shared with the client if required. Reducing the time needed to review reports allows easier management of a large security force. Cloud storage provides access to the data from off-site, allowing managers to oversee multiple locations from anywhere and even on-the-go.

Capability To Work With A Wide Range Of Devices And Personnel Tech Literacy and Numeracy Levels

Security software for remote operations has to be compatible with any smartphone, even earlier models, to avoid the massive cost of buying the latest smartphones for the entire security force. The software also has to be simple enough to facilitate easy transition, and minimise the disruption to the guards’ day-to-day.

security-risk-inteface-Top-5-Important Features-To-Consider For-Your-Remote-Security-Operations-Management-Software.jpgMany security guards will find it difficult to adopt complicated software, especially if pandemic-driven protocol changes have to be rolled out right away, allowing limited time for training. Investing in a remote security operations software solution that can address your company’s most urgent pain points without requiring new and expensive tech upgrades and advanced training allows you to take decisive steps towards adapting your operations.

Scalability and Flexible Pricing

As security requirements fluctuate, remote operations software must also be easily scalable to fit the needs of the company. The pricing of the solution must be flexible enough that it can be easily and quickly adjusted to meet the ebb and flow of business.

grow-Top-5-Important Features-To-Consider For-Your-Remote-Security-Operations-Management-Software.jpg

Companies can benefit from flexible pricing, especially during this pandemic when the economy is in flux. Capital is low for many businesses that are affected by COVID-19, but the need for remote operations options is higher than ever. Consider security operations management software that offers an economical way to scale with your company’s needs with as little in the way of extended commitments as possible. This will allow you to manoeuvre more freely as needed to navigate an unstable economy.

Final Thoughts

Remote operations was a compelling notion before the pandemic. It allowed greater accountability and data security, enabling security personnel to be more accountable and thorough with their work. It provided management with a clearer picture of the operations that got updated in real-time. However, COVID-19 has made remote operations more of an urgent necessity to protect frontliners in the security industry.

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