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The upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has put more weight and urgency to the benefits of integrating security guard management software into your operations. 

If you are looking into adopting security guard management software, it is important to understand the factors that can get in the way of a successful transition. Going over these potential obstacles can provide the necessary insight for navigating the changes ahead.

Here we will discuss 6 critical things to consider for your transition to security guard management software and some suggestions on how to move forward with each one.


A major factor is the costs associated with purchasing the software itself and the devices needed to use it. There will also be costs that come in the form of training expenses, lost revenue caused by any cease or slowing of operations during the transition, and more.

One key consideration when you are weighing your options in the context of cost: the cheapest or most expensive security officer software might not provide optimal value. The right choice is the security management system software that competently meets all your needs at the lowest price.

Identify your requirements and do the research. Mitigate cost by choosing a platform that is cost-effective, scalable to the size of your operations, and provides a free trial.

Legacy Systems

Old systems that are already established might be difficult to uproot. When your team is too accustomed to the older system, it might be more disruptive to introduce a new one. Businesses comfortable with an established culture could very well face resistance from employees. Weather through the resistance by offering rewards for embracing the new system. Communicate with your team that learning new protocols represents opportunities to broaden their qualifications.

Finally, take the time to research security guard management software that will provide you with dedicated support, training, onboarding, and guidance throughout the transition process. This goes a long way towards making the transition easier for your team.


Appropriate training must be conducted so your team can properly use the new technology. Ideally, the security guard management system will be easy enough to use and will require a minimal amount of training. The amount of training needed will depend on the complexity of the software as well as the individual capabilities of the team members.

Being able to onboard a software smoothly is just as important as choosing one. Perhaps you can hire a specialist to train your team. Alternatively, you can also choose a software that is more intuitive to use, that will eliminate the need for a specialist. Ideally, the software company should provide further support via phone or online chat. 

Look for intuitive design and a streamlined user experience in your security management system software, then narrow down the options even further by prioritising platforms with good customer support.

Tech Literacy and Numeracy

A big reason why many security companies still opt for pen and paper or wand-based methods is the varying levels of tech literacy of their guards. The literacy and numeracy skills of each guard should also be considered, as these can affect how well they use the software.

Choose software that combines ease of use with rich features that address the needs of your team, which includes a simple, intuitive interface that is accessible to different levels of literacy. A well-designed security guard management software will take the average security guard's capabilities into account.

Possible Waves of COVID-19 Infections

Succeeding waves of COVID-19 infections are a constant possibility until a vaccine is made readily available. Depending on the severity of these waves, they can lead to government-mandated lockdowns and other events that can drastically affect operations. For the most part, the possibility of succeeding waves of infection only emphasises the urgency of transitioning to security guard management software to monitor operations remotely and ensure your personnel are as protected as possible.

The advantages of remote operations are relevant even in a post-COVID world. This consideration further underlines the importance of getting a centralised solution. Software that still requires you to physically engage your management team might have been acceptable in the pre-COVID world, but having remote capability should be a crucial factor now.

Choosing the Right Software

It might feel tedious to sift through all the available choices out there, but exercising due diligence can only pay dividends in the long run. Finding a security management software that checks all the boxes instead of having only specific uses will enhance accountability and compliance even in a post-COVID-19 world.

Tackling the new normal has provided the security industry with the impetus to evolve. Security guards require a remote operations solution that allows them to do their jobs efficiently while minimising exposure.

Zero in on the best fit for security guard management software by testing out ones that you can try out for free so you can determine if they work for you before making any financial commitments.

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